About Us - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
Where is the church located in Culpeper?
     We are located at 215 South Main Street between the State Theater and the Post Office.
     The entrance to the church office is on Locust Street which runs beside the sanctuary.
What are the office hours and church contact information?
      The office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. 
      The phone number is 540-825-8616.  Our email address is  You are currently visiting our website at   
What is the denominational affiliation of the Culpeper Presbyterian Church?
      The Culpeper Presbyterian Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA).
Where are the parking areas for the church?
      There are several public parking lots near the church, such as the lot behind the movie theatre, and the lot beside the bank, as well as parking spaces on surrounding streets.                                        
How does one join the church?
      There are several ways to join the church.
      a.  By a public profession of faith and baptism
      b.  By a certificate of transfer from another church where the person was a member 
      c.  By a reaffirmation of faith, for persons previously baptized but not currently active
           in another church
Does one need to be a member to participate in activities and programs?
      No, one does not need to be a member to participate.  All programs, choirs, fellowship
      activities and the like are open to anyone who attends and wishes to participate.
Who do I contact for pastoral concerns such as illness, hospitalization and other family
or personal concerns?
      Call the church (540-825-8616) and ask for the minister, Wayne Bernardo, or leave
      your concern with the church office and it will be relayed to the appropriate person.
How do I become involved in the music program of the church?
      If you would like to participate in the Church Choir or the Handbell Choir please call the church office (540-825-8616)
      and the staff will have the Choir Director, Tracy Hayes, contact you with the choir schedule.
           If you are interested in the Praise Team Band, please call the church office and the Praise 
      Team Leader, Greg Harpine will welcome you with a call.
How do I volunteer my time and talents to the life of the church?
      Call the church office (540-825-8616) and your request will be directed to the appropriate       
      committee chair or program leader.