About Us - Leadership and Government

The Session is the governing body of our church.  Session membership consists of our minister, serving as moderator, and fifteen ordained elders. Each year five elders are elected to serve a three-year term.  The Session determines administrative policy, conducts church business, and provides leadership and direction for the congregation. The moderator plans and conducts the meetings. Minutes of the meetings are recorded by the Clerk of the Session.
Session meetings are held monthly, usually on the fourth Thursday at 7:00 p.m.  Additional meetings may be called as needed. Church members may attend Session meetings to observe and to hear the business of the church discussed but may not actively participate unless invited to do so by the moderator.

                                                                                SESSION MEMBERS
Class of 2017                                                          Class of 2018                                                               Class of 2019
Waverley Lee                                                           Katherine Ayers                                                            Shirley Ann Bayne
Jeff Petagna                                                             Karen Carroll                                                                Mort Chiles
Linda Smiley                                                            Beth Nixon                                                                   Deanne Cockerill
Stacey Zellers                                                          Russell Rabb                                                                 Bucky Hill
                                                                              Bill Watson                                                                   Pat Martin

The work of the church is carried out by committees. Each committee is led by a member of the session, who acts as a liason between the committee and the session. The administrative committees are Finance, Personnel, Property, and Long Range Planning. The ministry (program) committees are Assimilation, Christian Education, Congregational Care & Fellowship, Missions, Stewardship, and Worship. Click the "Church Structure" link under "About Us" to see a diagram of this organizational structure.